A Gift from Seki, JAPAN


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“和 NAGOMI” brand has been popular as an export model targeting the Western markets. In 2015, we are launching a new series “丸 Maru” from Japanese domestic market for the first time in our history.
They fit perfectly in your hand. With proper care, they will last for a long time for you to enjoy the feel of using a great knife. They are the gifts from our fine craftsmen.

Superstitiously, people in Japan think that a knife is dangerous and will cut a relationship when used as a gift. On the contrary, we think a knife can opens up the future. There are so many mothers who want to give their daughters a kitchen knife when they get married. A knife no longer cuts the relationships but creates the harmony in a family through a food preparation.





“丸 Maru” series is designed with the “Japanese Modernism” theme that will be in harmony with any style of kitchens. Of course, they have the quality that the professionals will use with great satisfaction. The smooth grip without a bump is the result of our craftsmen's strenuous efforts and handwork. We would like you to feel comfortable with our knife in your hand.
The name “和 NAGOMI” has our wish for every family to enjoy a healthy and happy life. The “NAGOMI” series is also ideal as a gift. We hope you will enjoy our products. For more information, please check our website for online shopping.





The recent trend tends to produce knives with much harder blades. They are long lasting. Though they last a few months longer, they become more difficult to sharpen due to their hardness.
That is why we have decided to use a perfect material for easy sharpening and have painstakingly developed a special technique. We wanted to make knives you can sharpen at home. We hope you will be able to use and cherish our knives for a lifetime.



Material Blade: 440a Stainless Steel Molybdenum / Handle: Densified Laminated Wood + Stainless Steel Bar

Seki Heritage

We, Mitsuboshi Cutlery started business in 1875 in Seki, JAPAN, which is well known as one of the three major cutlery towns in the World.
Since Kamakura Period (1185 - 1333a.d.), many great swordsmiths had moved to Seki in a quest for quenching soil, pine charcoal and clear water of Nagara River and Tsubo River. Thus, Seki has become a product district of noted sword and its traditional technique has been handed down to the present-day craftspeople and cutlery industry.

We have gained enormous technical know-how over the years manufacturing OEM product for Western countries. That technical capabilities are fully reflected in our original “和 NAGOMI” Brand.
“和NAGOMI” is produced painstakingly piece by piece on the watch for chemical composites of blade material, molecular structure influenced by alteration of temperature during quenching and many other important processes. At last the finishing touch to “和NAGOMI” blade edge is put by our “Master”.


Precautions for use

  • This kitchen knife is designed for cooking only and not supposed to be used for any other purposes.
  • Please be careful in handling and keeping.
  • Please do not use when broken or deformed.
  • When you wash it, please be careful of the sharp edge.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.
  • Please do not press on the spine of the kitchen knife with your finger or palm directly. The corner of the edge may injure your finger or palm. When you cut the hard foods such as pumpkins, please wear gloves, or cover the spine with a cloth.
  • When you cut meat with bones or the frozen food, please do not use 和 NAGOMI knife. Use the special knife for such purposes.
  • Please do not use the knife over the hard metal or the stone. It may damage the blade.
  • Please do not twirl or avoid rough handling . It may damage the blade.
  • Please do not scorch the blade or bring it close to the fire. The blade may soften.
  • For the first time use, please use detergent and wash with soft cloth , and rinse well.
  • Please avoid using a microwave or oven to dry .
  • When children use the knife , please let them know how to use it.

Care instruction

  • After use, wash and dry well. When kept unclean and wet, the rust may occur.
  • Please sharpen 1-2 times a month to keep the long-lasting sharpness.

How to sharpen the knives

When sharpen a kitchen knife with a whetstone, use a rough grindstone → middle rough then→ smooth whetstone, but for everyday care at home a middle rough whetstone is sufficient.
Soak the whetstone in water for 5 minutes, and then put the stone in the flat place. Keep the edge against the stone15 degrees (just one chopstick thickness).
Move the blade back and forth slowly. Use more strength when push and less when pull.
Apply the same number of sharpening for both sides.
Please continue sharpening without rinsing the muddy liquid. It is essential for sharpening.